2 weeks to launch!

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2 weeks to launch! SARA (9)



OFF WE GOO!! Ive had a sneaky peak in the workshop and the colour is looking beautiful!!
Getting very excited


SARA (8)


Three weeks to launch!

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3 weeks to launchSARA (9)

3-weeks to go!! Yippeeee..
Things are heating up in the studio with samples of makes being busily created and made.. all of our fingers and toes crossed that there are no delays on the build of the bus and I am just full of bustling excitement!
My first stop today was to visit the guys at HVan World to drop off a cupboard I’d upcycled cupboard to get built into the Bus, plus discuss the build!

Then  along to an event with the Hobbycraft sewing colleagues to look at all the new sewing project: Sew Simple 2 and new products about to launch! Plus many of my own projects being involved..

I do hope you will get the chance to join us at the launch party for the Pink Bus Project @Mycenae House on the 20th May.. If you’d like to virtually tweet updates we are on the #pinkbussewing @pinkbusproject.SARA (8)

One month to launch

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1 month to go!SARA (9)

With one month to go it’s getting very exciting here leading up to the open day at Mycenae House. I do hope you will join us on the 20th and raise a glass to the journey.

The day Bowie died

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Today is the day that creative genius Mr David Bowie passed over to that glitter ball in the sky and it also happens to be the day that I finished reading ‘The Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert. Quite honestly it feels as if the world is spinning off the scale.

So as usual I took Elliot (the pug dog that features quite a lot at Miss Libby Rose) to the park to stomp in my pink Wellington Boots and
contemplate this new but very familiar feeling.

Ziggy Stardust is a massive icon of mine with the high shiny glittery boots, make-up, glitter and feathers … this is something that I can relate to in all it’s glory! With such an array of creative styles, David Bowie showed the world what creative explosion was all about and boy did he do it in style!

I promise that as of this moment I will never bow my head in the face of adversity, I will not fear the unknown and most of all I will continue this creative journey so you may also learn and live in your own style.. I raise my glass because we can be heroes…. forever and ever xx

Let’s get this bus on the road and share ‘big magic’ and creative love all over the Uk… and the world…

Let’s get this baby built!

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So today I spent a totally awesome wet, windy day at HVan World’s workshop. Alan (the main man) and I spent some time looking at the Vans they have already been produced: some fresh out of the spray shop, others set up ready to go. I was able to sit in the Van and choose the one that would work best to turn into this Pink Bus Project!

Exciting news from Janome

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For those of you that I have been lucky enough to meet and teach on my classes so far would know that I am a big fan of Janome Sewing machines…
drum roll……
I have now had confirmation that they are excited about the new venture with the Pink Bus project, and even more brilliant is that they are very interested in supporting the project!

Hurray for Janome being on board with the Pink Bus Project and I am super excited to get stuck in on some loan machines that we could try out some fancy work with… and prizes for you fabulous folk!