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How many women do you know who are suffering from low confidence? Collaboration is rare and people want to do things by themselves equalling harder work, it’s so hard for people to ask for help, combined projects are almost non existent and I feel that people are not as ‘together’ anymore”

I am so excited to tell you about the Pink Bus Project a project that I am extremely passionate about as it’s going to help so many people grow in confidence and build on their dreams as I have done with mine.

I will be travelling in the Pink Sewing Bus all across the UK to help women and children in schools to build on their confidence, collaboration, connection, community and celebration through teaching them different skills on the Bus around sewing. Through my work I have seen how many people have been transformed in just 90 minutes by the sense of achievement of not only making something that they can take away with them but the connection and likeness to others and the understanding that they are no longer alone. Often times, this has started the pathway to these people taking the first steps to what they want in life.



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